Work for Premium Greens Australia : New Job

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New Job: Come and work for us!

Premium Greens Australia is expanding its staff, and we are looking for a fully qualified florist with sales experience to join our domestic sales team. Could that be you?

You must be

  • outgoing
  • willing to travel
  • enthusiastic about Australian native flowers and foliage

You’ll need basic computer skills and familiarity with Microsoft programs.

Based at our offices on the Sunshine Coast, this is a full time position.

Interested? Please forward your resumé to

Work for Premium Greens Australia : New Job

Safe Foliage Choices For You and the Environment

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Pick Me Instead – safe foliage choices for floral products

If you’ve read the article in this month’s Australian Flower Industry magazine, you’ll know that some of the popular products we use in floristry arrangements can be devastating to the environment.
We’re not talking about florist foam or plastic phials – we’re talking about flowers and foliage. Little pieces of stem and leaf that escape from our bouquets and get into the wild.

Imported Escapees Smother Native Plants

They smother native populations of vulnerable plants and take over large areas of bushland. Non-native plant matter can still grow, even after it has been cut and stored for several days. Mother Nature is a powerful force!

Working with Australian native foliage/floral fillers

Some imported plants are worse than others at causing environmental damage. The article names and shames the worst offenders, three types of Asparagus fern: Asparagus virgatus – trailing asparagus, Asparagus aethiopicus – foxtail fern, and Asparagus macowanii – ming fern.

Pick Me Instead – Safe Foliage Choices For You and the Environment

Happily for florists and the environment, the Pick Me Instead project has identified perfect alternatives to these enviro-thugs, that are safe to use and native to Australia. It’s a Win-Win!

No to Asparagus Fern

If you want a soft, ferny, airy look to your bouquets and arrangements, Emu Feather (Caustis flexuosa) is your perfect choice. It has long slender straight stems that open up into a cloud of delicate soft green fronds. It softens arrangements, adds height and size, and gives a woodsy rustic feel to bouquets.

Dingo Fern has a bright fresh green colour and long straight stems banded with attractive tan-brown strips. The individual fern fronds all the way up the stem are light and airy, like an open fern. This makes Dingo Fern a great filler choice for rustic, wildflower style bouquets and a stylish addition to arrangements.

Asparagus virgatus – trailing asparagus
Wedding bouquet featuring Emu Feather Fern
Bunch of freshly harvested Dingo Fern
No to Foxtail Fern

If you’re looking for something dense, fluffy and tactile, with eye-catching impact, you can’t go past Woolly Bush (Adenanthos). The delicate grey-green colouring, blushing to bronze at the tip, adds elegance to your bouquets and bunches and complements a wide range of flower shades. Plus, that velvety texture – so strokeable!

Goanna Claw (Caustis recurvata) has a unique curly look to the fronds, and long light trailing stems which adapt to bouquet making, classic arrangements, and more creative work in wedding flower crowns, tablecentres and cascading bouquets.

Goanna Claw’s long flexible stems and curly spiralling fronds bend and knit together, making it easy to create all-natural wreaths, garlands, and foliage base for your event and installation pieces.

Asparagus aethiopicus – foxtail fern
Coral inspired floral design featuring Woolly Bush
Bridal Bouquet features native Australian foliage, Goanna Claw Fern
No to Ming Fern

The bright apple-green colour and fat fluffy fronds of Koala Fern (Caustis blakei) make it a versatile and attractive foliage for all kinds of creative work. Koala Fern’s long straight sturdy stems are easy for fast bunching and bouquet work, and for adding vertical height to arrangements. The segmented foliage can be cut into individual ‘fluffs’ for basing flower foams and creating wreaths, which makes it a great budget choice.

If you are making a collar for a bouquet, outlining an arrangement, or creating an intricate boutonniere or formal corsage, the native Forest Lace (Stenocarpus) is ideal. The delicate leaf fronds are extremely finely cut, and last well in water; and the subtle soft green shade complements other flower colours beautifully.

Asparagus macowanii – ming fern
Soft tufts of native Australian foliage - Koala fern
Floral centrepiece featuring Stenocarpus Forest Lace

How to Make Valentine’s Day Easier (and More Profitable)

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Dress Up Basic Bunches With Foliage

Valentine’s Day is such hard work when you’re a florist – it’s actually a Valentine’s fortnight when you factor in all the preparation and ordering and making sure all staff are available and delivery drivers are in place.

Plus your buy-in prices can double overnight as global demand for flowers soars. So anything that makes it easier, faster and more profitable to produce a stylish, expensive looking bouquet has to be a good thing, right?

Our native foliage is fantastic for making a basic straightline bunch of a dozen roses ( or six, or one hundred!) look like a special high-end bouquet.
It’s also an essential part of the florist toolkit when dressing up a single stem rose into a presentation gift.

Lavish red rose bouquet with native Koala Fern & Umbrella Fern wrapped in a lotus leaf.

This red rose bouquet (pictured above), surrounded with Umbrella Fern, has been wrapped in a natural biodegradable lotus leaf to create a very eco-friendly and stylish gift. Sheets of paperbark as an alternative to lotus leaf would give this one an Australian twist.

Take a few stems of Umbrella Fern to create a collar of soft green around a bunch of roses (and other focal flowers.)

You’d need seven to ten stems to get the full effect of the left-hand image; only three stems for the image on the right.

Umbrella Fern grows with the leaves horizontal to the stem, with a full circle of fronds. There’s a little niche at the base of the frond circle, perfectly shaped for tucking around flower stems.

It’s very easy – and fast – to add the finishing touch to a strauss or handtied bouquet with Umbrella Fern in this way.

Floral arrangement using Umbrella Fern as a collar.
Vase arrangements using Umbrella Fern as a collar.
10 stem bunch of Umbrella Fern.
Single stem of Umbrella fern
Single frond of Star Fern
10 stem bunch of Sea Star Fern

One single stem of tropical ginger gets the star treatment with a luxuriant collar of Sea Star Fern.

Sea Star Fern is shaped like Umbrella Fern, with a full circle of leaves held horizontal to the stem. The individual leaflets (frondlets) are much more slender than on the Umbrella Fern.

These slender fronds also dry very well, and take spray colour very well. Spray a couple of leaves red, or gold, or silver, to add a touch of bling for those customers looking for something a little jazzy.

The 100-red-rose bouquet below was created by leading UK retailer Marks & Spencer last year.

The addition of a simple twist of our FlexiGrass – formed into a heart and tied with a short length of ribbon – makes a bouquet that any florist could produce, into something distinctive and eyecatching.

Ginger flower with Sea Star collar
Red rose bouquet in vase with Flexi Grass heart
Wine bottle wrapped in Flexi Grass

If you have an alcohol licence, it’s easy to dress up a bottle of bubbles, or local wine, with a small bunch of our Flexi Grass. It turns a last-minute impulse buy into a fancy gift that will impress the recipient.

This technique shows off your floristry skills, and is much more special than a basic gift bag. You can prep these a day or two in advance and they will stay green.

You can find the full step by step instructions on how to recreate this here.

Petal Peddlers Gala Evening

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Florist Event

The bloom of Brisbane’s floristry industry were out in force on November 22 at Petal Peddlers Gala Evening.

Held at their Melbourne Street Rocklea wholesale unit, the event attracted an excellent turnout of attendees for the after-work event.

Four florists entertained and inspired the audience through the evening – Brian Sweeney from Perrotts, across Brisbane; Beth Webb from Divine Flowers, Wilston; Phoebe Stephens from Phoebe Stephens Flowers, Fortitude Valley; and Annaliese Gomez from Hacienda Flowers & Furnishings, Ascot.

A low glass vase of white cottage flowers with Stenocarpus, Emu Feather and Bronze Rush/Dingo Tails. Perrots
Brian of Perrots demonstrates how to construct a handtied bouquet
Annaliese of Hacienda Flowers
Harold our Sales Manager talks to the audience

Using a range of our native foliages from Premium Greens Australia, flowers from Petal Peddlers, and florist accessories from Apack Florist Supplies, the four Brisbane designers showcased their skills and creativity in interpreting three designs in their own distinctive styles –

  • An ‘elegant’ white and green monochrome design
  • a ‘garden’ pastel coloured design
  • and a design for a celebrity VIP client of the florist’s choice

Petal Peddlers owner Adriaan Kamp acted as compere for the florists during their demonstrations. The designs were auctioned off at the end of the evening; and donations raised a generous $780 for the Movember Foundation to help improve men’s health and wellbeing.

Harold van Eendenburg of Premium Greens Australia spoke to the audience about our range of native foliages and seasonal products. Shane Holborn of Australian Flower Industry Magazine covered the event and it will feature in their December issue.

display of Australian Native foliage
Emu Feather softens a large vase of dahlias and peonies. Hacienda Flowers
Phoebe Stephens prepares a large bunch of our umbrella fern
Beth Divine Flowers Low whitewashed nest baskets filled with dahlias, roses, lipstick costus, Christmas bush and berzelia.
Auctioning the designs for charity
Beautiful mixed native bunches await their turn in the spotlight

Floral Pods

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Jessica Keet @ IFTF Expo 2016

With the opening of the much-anticipated sci-fi film Arrival this month, these spectacular floral pods by leading Dutch designer Jessica Keet are so on trend!

Twelve mysterious giant capsules, brightly illuminated along their edges, hang suspended, cocoon-like, from the ceiling of the IFTF Expo hall Netherlands.

Over twice a person’s height, the huge pods contain a lush textural selection of beautiful foliages from Premium Greens Australia, paired with favourite florist flowers in a palette of warm autumn shades.

A spiral of cones, swaddled in pumpkin-coloured cloth, holds abundant fronds of luxuriant Umbrella Fern, and slender-leaved Sea Star Fern, from the under-story of Australia’s subtropical forests.

Tall stems of Emu Feather, delicate and airy, softly trail between lilies, callas and roses. Giant Gymea leaves, an impressive two metres long, enclose the flowers and greenery in a fresh green cage.

These dozen capsules, hanging enigmatically along the entrance to this European flower trade Expo, lure visitors into their aura, inviting them to come closer, look deeper, explore, investigate. And in doing so, they discover the beauty and versatility of Australian native grasses, ferns, and foliages.

International Floriculture and International Trade Fair (IFTF), currently in its seventh year, is an annual trade event held in the Netherlands, showcasing the best of international flowers and foliage through exhibition, competition, and creative design.

Premium Greens Australia is proud to be a part of this event, and to bring our beloved Australian greenery to a wider audience through designer Jessica Keet’s stunning installation.

Floral design: Jessica Keet 

Australian native foliage featured in floral pod
Landscape image of floral pods, created using Australian Native Foliage
Australian Native foliage features in Floral Design by Jessica Keet
Australian Native foliage features in Floral Design by Jessica Keet

Australian Native Greens Feature in Corporate design

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Design Style – Corporate

We recently had the pleasure of supplying Northside Flower Market our foliage products for the opening of Art Series Hotel Group’s ‘The Johnson‘.

The theme for the opening was ‘ The Art of Vivid Encounters’ which showcased Artist Michael Johnson’s abstract works. Northside Flower Market interpretated this beautifully with their colourful combination of flowers, lush foliage and softly textured feathers.

Floral design: Northside Flower Market           Photography: Millyjane Photography

Australian native foliage creates the perfect base for a Floral Arbor
Table arrangement featuring Umbrella Fern
Foliage chair decoration featuring Koala Fern
Large floral arrangement featuring Sea Ster Fern
Gorgeous floral arbor created using Australian native foliage as a base

Floristry Demonstration

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Join Petal Peddlers for a night of fun!

We’re teaming up with Petal Peddlers, APack, the Australian Flower Industry Magazine and some of Brisbane’s best floral talent for an evening of floristry demonstration.

Catch up with the latest trends and new products, plus you’ll get to see our foliage in action and some old favourites with a new twist! Florists will be creating their interpretation of three arrangements:

  • An elegant white and green inspired design
  • A floral garden piece featuring pastels
  • Florists can get creative with their choice of design for a VIP client

All designs will be auctioned at the end of the evening with the proceeds being donated to the Movember Foundation.

Save the date: November 22 6:30pm-9:00pm

Florists attending: Perrotts FloristsDivine FlowersHaceinda Flowers and Furnishings and Phoebe Stephens Flowers. For more info or to book your seat contact Petal Peddlers on 0422 651 269

Floristry Demonstration Gala Evening Information

Vintage Floral Inspiration

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Design Style – Vintage

Vintage themed weddings are a popular choice with brides. The styling is loads of fun and involves carefully selected items such as ornate glassware and elaborate brass pieces. Timber furniture in warm earthy tones or whitewashed for a ‘shabby chic’ look provides the perfect backdrop for foliage rich bouquets.


Take a look at Northside Flower Market’s timeless vintage inspired designs. Walkabout Creek near Brisbane was the perfect venue for their latest wedding photography shoot. Our native Foliage and Seasonal Flowers featured in the beautiful bouquets and table arrangements at this photo shoot.


The bride’s bouquet is gorgeously assembled using Umbrella Fern, Seeded Jarrah (a type of Eucalyptus) and small sprays of white Thryptomene. Table arrangements carry the same woodsy rustic feel with Sea Star fern™, Koala Fern ™, lush Bribie Pine and Waxflower.

Floral design: Northside Flower Market           Photography: Millyjane Photography

Australian native foliage features in vintage inspired wedding flowers
Florist unpacks box from Premium Greens Australia
Seeded Jarrah, Smoke Bush and Umbrella Fern
Floral greens from Premium Greens Australia
Australian Smoke Bush, silver-grey foliage
Florist assembles buttonhole featuring Australian wattle
Finished vintage buttonhole
Vintage Wedding Bouquet featuring Umbrella Fern, Koala Fern and Seeded Jarrah
Bride holding bouquet featuring native Australian foliage

Francesca from Francesca's Flowers creates a Green Inspired Installation

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Take a behind the scenes look at the creation of a foliage inspired installation!

Francesca from Francesca’s Flowers in Brisbane recently designed a luscious, all green, foliage inspired installation at the Eagle Farm Races.

The refreshing theme was created using layers of contrasting foliage and textural elements. Monstera leaves provide the perfect base to begin building tropical designs. Layered with naturally flowing foliage such as Barker Bush and Bribie Pine. Followed by tufts of Emu Feather™ Fern, perfect for softening the overall design with fine, delicate wisps of foliage. A standout within the installation was our popular Umbrella Fern, creating a focal point with its dynamic shape and vibrant green colour.

To complement the theme, modest table centrepieces of Sea Star™ Fern and Umbrella Fern were placed on each table for guests to enjoy. The perfect finishing touch!
Design: Francesca’s Flowers           Photography: Terri Hanlon Photography

Francesca adding the finishing touches to her installation
Floral Design featuring Barker Bush and Bribie Pine
Sea Star Fern in a vase as a table centrepiece
Umbrella Fern creates a focal point in this greens inspired installation
Foliage display within a jungle theme

Latitude 33 at the World Floral Expo 2016

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We’re merging with growers and suppliers at this year’s  World Floral Expo 2016 to showcase products from Latitude 33 Floral Group.

USA wholesalers and florists can now source flowers and foliage from remote areas all in one location.

Latitude 33 suppliers are located on or near latitude 33 South and North, across four continents.

Come and see us at booth #442, say G’day to Paul and Harold and check out everything Latitude 33 Floral Group has to offer!

Get the scoop on design trends, colour palettes and loads of inspiration, see our Design Gallery or follow us on Facebook for our freshest design styles.

At the Expo, there’s design workshops for those who cant wait to try out the latest products. Our foliage will feature in these workshops too, it’s sure to be a hit!

Latitude 33 Floral Group display
Flower and Foliage products from Latitude 33 Floral Group
Floral design workshop at the World Floral Expo 2016
Finished design from workshop
Flower and Foliage product in vases from Latitude 33 Floral Group