Serruria ‘Blushing Bride’

Scientific name: Serruria florida

Availability: July – September

Size: 40 cm  – 50 cm Stem length. 5 stems per bunch

Shelf life: up to 4 weeks in cold room in box

Notes: Serruria ‘Blushing Bride’ blooms are cup-shaped when fully open, white with a gentle pale pink-apricot blush in the centre. The petals feel papery to the touch. Each stem features rich green fine foliage. For a rose pink and white version of this pretty wedding flower, see our Serruria ‘Pretty in Pink’.

The delicate blooms express classic romance, and are ideal used in hand-tied bunches and formal bridal bouquets, buttonholes and corsages. They are always very popular wedding flowers and sell out fast when they are in season.

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