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Jessica Keet @ IFTF Expo 2016

With the opening of the much-anticipated sci-fi film Arrival this month, these spectacular floral pods by leading Dutch designer Jessica Keet are so on trend!

Twelve mysterious giant capsules, brightly illuminated along their edges, hang suspended, cocoon-like, from the ceiling of the IFTF Expo hall Netherlands.

Over twice a person’s height, the huge pods contain a lush textural selection of beautiful foliages from Premium Greens Australia, paired with favourite florist flowers in a palette of warm autumn shades.

A spiral of cones, swaddled in pumpkin-coloured cloth, holds abundant fronds of luxuriant Umbrella Fern, and slender-leaved Sea Star Fern, from the under-story of Australia’s subtropical forests.

Tall stems of Emu Feather, delicate and airy, softly trail between lilies, callas and roses. Giant Gymea leaves, an impressive two metres long, enclose the flowers and greenery in a fresh green cage.

These dozen capsules, hanging enigmatically along the entrance to this European flower trade Expo, lure visitors into their aura, inviting them to come closer, look deeper, explore, investigate. And in doing so, they discover the beauty and versatility of Australian native grasses, ferns, and foliages.

International Floriculture and International Trade Fair (IFTF), currently in its seventh year, is an annual trade event held in the Netherlands, showcasing the best of international flowers and foliage through exhibition, competition, and creative design.

Premium Greens Australia is proud to be a part of this event, and to bring our beloved Australian greenery to a wider audience through designer Jessica Keet’s stunning installation.

Floral design: Jessica Keet 

Australian native foliage featured in floral pod
Landscape image of floral pods, created using Australian Native Foliage
Australian Native foliage features in Floral Design by Jessica Keet
Australian Native foliage features in Floral Design by Jessica Keet